The Mess Behind V&C

DSC_0123Vodka and Cupcakes came together thanks to my undying passion for writing and in my opinion, what summarizes the culture of an average 20something being. Life in your twenties is sweet, messy, but always worth enjoying. And I mean who doesn’t love vodka and cupcakes?!!

THE WRITER: I’m Rita. There are more than a few things I hate in life–liars, Math, people who drive like they just scored their license at the flea market, anything Kardashian related, closed minds, creepers, a bad remake–but I think being asked to describe myself is definitely up there above them all. Mainly because it’s like WHERE DO I START??!

who am iJ/K Miss Thing!! Although I do love me my occasional piece of some fried chicken. Make that two pieces.

-For starters, I hate limitations–sky+ is the limit and you can’t tell me otherwise, Twitter.

-I am a gay man living in a girls’ body and my sassy pants stay ironed and pressed.

ru-I have appreciation and passion for most films but I am a HUGE Horror film nerd. It’s my first real true love next to writing. Nightmare on Elm Street, The Lost Boys, A Clockwork Orange, Evil Dead, Funny Games, Creepshow 2, Suspiria, Fright Night…I could go on and on and on….

-BUT let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I still love my pink and my fabulousness.

-Cheese is my kryptonite. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

-I am a Southern girl with a city heart. New York City owns my soul.

new york-I hate working out. I try, I almost die and end up being resuscitated at the nearest pizza joint.-I have a slight addiction to trash and or reality tv–if Maury, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Real Housewives, or Love & Hip Hop is on don’t talk to me. Unless you are an intervention counselor, then you probably should.-Whenever I come off from a reality binge I usually like to regain some brain cells by escaping into a book.

book-If I don’t make people laugh, I secretly feel like I’ve failed as a human.

-Music is truly the soundtrack to life. Mine is all over the place; up from Underoath down to The Temptations.

For everything else, you just have to stay tuned!


  1. Before I can even say anything, her sister had sex for a double cheeseburger? I sure hope the burger was worth it…. As for Trashy TV have you looked at TLC lately? Myrtle Manor, My big fat gypsy wedding, honey boo boo, etc…. Its like trash on repeat.

    1. Right?! At least one of those expensive burgers from a fancy restaurant or something. Yes TLC stays in rotation on my DVR–I’m pathetic for actually being sad that they haven’t brought back ‘Best Funeral Ever’ yet. If you haven’t heard of it you must Youtube immediately.

    1. Yay!! They really are an amazing combo. Aww thank you haha I can definitely see that! Love your posts, especially the new one I just read about the old guy lol.

  2. Um, I totally relate to what you said about feeling like you failed as a human when you don’t make people laugh. Glad it’s not just me!

  3. Loving your blog! You definitely have me laugh more than a few times in just a few posts.

    Thanks for the follow on my new slice o’Internet pie as well. See you around!


  4. Ha! Ha! Love your about. You are so clever with all the video clips. How in the world do you do that? Will you tutor me a vodka and cupcake lunch?? Thanks for dropping and following Honey.

  5. 1. I love the name of your blog. 2. I just scrolled through some of your blog posts and I think you might be a genius at using gifs. 3. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy reading your blog while simultaneously mourning the passing of my 20’s.

  6. Soooo… I just stalked like pretty much your whole entire blog.

    It’s like you can read my mind – and I like it! Haha I can’t wait to keep reading and laughing and wishing I weren’t so technologically illiterate so I could use gifs too.

    Thanks for brightening up my night, Rita! 🙂


    J. Parker

    1. Haha thank you!! Great minds think alike! 🙂 Thanks for following and laughing along; officially following back as well–I can’t wait to try that cookie recipe.

  7. Thanks for following – you’ve made me laugh. I remember all those dating nightmares. Step away, you only end up married with children 😉

  8. You my friend are an awesome person! I admire that you follow your dreams. I wish we could catch up more often.

  9. I don’t want to seem like a super creep but we may or may not be soul sisters. Read my blog and you will see the extreme resemblance. Love vodka, cupcakes, cheese, real housewives. Hate selfies, pedestrians, juice cleanses and people who say LOL in person.

  10. I just say…I.errr, wait, different song. *grin* Hey, googled “Bye Felicia” and stumbled across your blog and wanted to say it’s fanfuckintastic! Sarcasm is my primary language followed closely by small town Murica English and I adore those who habla ridiculousness, which you do. Thanks for the laughter. You didn’t fail as a human being today ;)~

  11. This is def my new favorite blog! You had me at “I am a gay man living in a girls’ body and my sassy pants stay ironed and pressed.” and
    “I hate working out. I try, I almost die and end up being resuscitated at the nearest pizza joint.”

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