The Obsession Diaries: Hair, Blood & Challenges

Obsession DiariesTwirl me back into the land of Unacceptable because I have not dished on the things that I’ve been loving in officially over a year. Despite the fact that I’ve been still front seat window on the struggle bus, there have been more than a few things that I have been loving and keeping to myself. And that is simply rude. So, I’m relaunching The Obsession Diaries and back to breaking down EVERYTHING I am currently loving and spending dollars on shit I don’t need or can’t afford.cashiers (more…)

The Obsession Diaries: Birthdays, Hairstyles & Kimye

Obsession Diaries

Hello hello!! It’s that time again for another installment of things that I just can’t get enough of, starting with:


birthday After weeks of planning and scraping up my trinkets to go somewhere for my big day, I’d decided to pack up and head down to the land of fun, awesome friends, hot boys, good food and boozery. Otherwise known as Austin, TX.

Happy danceSeeing as I haven’t been ANYWHERE in almost three years, this trip was long overdue and celebrations were in order.

Me by the end of the night.

Me by the end of the night.


Christopher Abbott has a problem with ‘Girls’…and so do I.

Christopher Abbott

In case you don’t hear the sound of hearts still breaking, recently it was announced that surprise Season Two hottie Christopher Abbott was leaving the HBO hit drama Girls due to disagreements with creator/writer/actress Lena Dunham on where the show and his character was going. If you remember in the finale, Abbott’s beloved character Charlie was reunited with his on again/off again girlfriend Marnie and together they sashayed away into the windy city all smiles and bubblegum hearts.

I’ve posted before about my thoughts on Season Two, but now that the finale has officially come and gone I find myself agreeing with Chris Abbott and not liking the direction of the show myself. IF the ending of Season Two was any indication.


Catching Up With ‘Girls’.


So I don’t know too many females who AREN’T into this Sunday night phenomenon, but if you are one of the few who are not Girls is a 30 minute series on HBO starring/written/directed by Lena Dunham and follows the story of four girlfriends living and struggling to find themselves in New York City.

Yeah sure, it kind of sounds like that OTHER show Sex In The City, (which I’ve never seen or care to btw), but with more of a realistic take on living in the Big Apple. At least living in the Big Apple in your 20s. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have moved into the city with these expectations of dancing the night away in Manolos and rubbing shoulders with the hot, rich and famous only to end up living in a box, paranoid of rats and eating syrup sandwiches while drinking a box of wine. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Cry face

The show is currently in its’ second season, which I’ll get to in a minute but going back to the beginning with season one: the season itself had already wrapped and I randomly had decided to give into the word of mouth after finding myself on the couch with some free time, a broken heart and a lot of wine in my glass. Episode by episode, I found myself slowly getting more into it and by Episode 4 I was completely hooked. Episode 7, ‘Welcome To Bushwick a.k.a ‘The Crackcident’ is hands down my favorite though.

All of the characters and their situations were completely relatable, personally for me with Marnie and her season one situation from dealing with wanting to breakup to breaking up to getting back together only to break up again to having to face your ex and his new side piece to having a huge fight with your best friend.

I am a good fucking friend!