sisterhoodI have no damn idea how to do Blogger Awards, nominations, etc.

How is this thing generated?

If I win do I win a lifetime supply of Cheez-Its or James Franco paraphernalia?

How do I vote for someone?

Is Simon Cowell over picking the winner? Is there a winner? At the end of the day, aren’t we ALL winners??

BUT, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I’m throwing this in my pile of YES and giving it a go.

So thank you to the lovely Dayeanne Hutton over at Potpurrri, a fashion blog for eclectic girls, for nominating me for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”.



1. Who is your number one fashion inspiration?

As basic as this is going to sound, my #1 fashion inspo is Audrina Patridge. Yes, the girl from the show I can’t quit ever, The Hills. My grandchildren will suffer be watching this program and reliving Miss Patridge’s style.

audrinaaudrina3audrina6audrina2 (more…)

The Party Survival Guide: The Holiday Edition

3b533d81fa971dd735c5672c1bcc123bDecember is halfway over and that means that we are well into the season of parties. Company holiday parties, parties hosted by family members, friends, and even yourself. holiday party

And unlike most of the usual parties, holiday parties enter a whole new zone of rules and guidelines.

Let’s get festive and break this shit down.


Survival Of The Mess: A Guide.


At some point or another, we all get stuck doing things we have to do, but don’t want to do. Jury duty, car maintenance, enduring long car rides with your crazy family members, finding yourself stuck in an aiport before/after a flight–whatever the case may be, it is a must to always ALWAYS come prepared and be ready for any long boring situation thrown your way.

If the mark is missed, you could be left alone and channeling your inner 2007 Britney Spears.

imsadWe don’t want to be sad, so let’s run down the must-haves, shall we?


Fall Fashion Must Haves

octobersWe are officially halfway into one of, if not THE GREATEST month ever, and that also means that Fall is officially upon us.

If you don’t know why Fall is the shit let’s break it down:

  • Football.
  • It’s not hot as fried Hell outside.
  • HORROR GALORE–return of shows like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, and numerous classic movie marathons.
  • Your friends dressing in ridiculous costumes like this:

miley robinoh i love itoh i love it2

  • Festivals Festivals Festivals
  • Holiday events with lots of food
  • Avoiding Spending time with your loved ones
  • Pumpkin everything

And of course:

  • Fashion.

clothes fabulousSince no one wants to be the dumb bitch rocking a tank top and denim shorts as the temperature drops let’s discuss some must have pieces/look for Fall, shall we?


The Obsession Diaries: Rompers, Polish and Prison.


Obsession DiariesIt’s officially that time again and long overdue to dish out what I’ve been enjoying, loving and well, obsessing over this past summer, starting with my favorite go-to outfit:


For those of you not completely sure what this is–

Romper: A romper suit is a one-piece garment worn by children and sometimes women.

or as Urban Dictionary likes to put it:

Romper: A summer dress that also has a fingering prevention device.

no way jose (more…)

20something’s Guide To Memorial Day Weekend Fashion.

americaMemorial Day weekend. It’s always one of the greatest times to be an American. You get to press pause and reflect on how blessed you are to have the rights that you do, get to remember and thank all of the brave men and women who have fought for our country and our freedom, and yes, most of us get a day off on Monday to do so.

That means: THREE DAY WEEKEND. Three glorious, colorful, patriotic days full of friends, family, boozery, and food.

And of course for us lady-folk (and some fellas), fashion.

Let’s dive into some looks, shall we?


The Obsession Diaries: Steamers, Big Heads & New Music, Oh My!


Obsession DiariesIs it already time for another edition? Time flys when you are obsessing! Last week I dished on  my undying love from everything to Pinterest to James Franco to shelving for my nail polish.

Which, by the way, that shelf that I joked about screwing up? It’s down now thanks to the decision to start leaning and sliding all my nail polishes to the edge of death.

cryingI can’t win.

This week, I am kicking off this installment with:


Actually old pics in general. I’ve always been the creep with the camera pretty interested into photography so I love going through photos from back in the day and having a good laugh. Recently I was diving into an old box that had a lot of family pictures and I ran across one of my baby mugshots.

babyI’ve always been a player for the Big Head team but I didn’t realize I was literally born into it. GOD BLESS MY MOTHER.

When I was about 4 or 5 I would get teased for the size of my head and my parents would always tell me to come back by saying my head was so big because it was full of knowledge. That would have possibly been true until the day I fucked that theory up by getting my head stuck between the apartment gates due to me trying to squeeze through to get to my grandmother whom had just pulled up. The actual door to the gate was just around the corner.

adultI still get laughed at to this day.


The Obsession Diaries: Sh*t I Can’t Get Enough Of.

Obsession DiariesEveryone has things/moments/people they just cannot get enough of. That definitely has been the story of my life as of late; I’ve been finding myself using the word “obsessed” quite a bit. So of course, I was inspired to write about it and share with all of you. Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you: ‘The Obsession Diaries’.