Throwback Tales: 24hr Confessions of A Crazy Cat Lady

The pet debate on adding a little fur baby edition to my roof has been an ongoing scrimmage for a few years now.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Shouldn’t I or should I?

Well, in the midst of summertime madness and most likely too much sunshine oozing into my brain cells, I’d decided that I definitely should take a jump into the kennel and become a pet mama….which only meant that naturally I’d live to regret that decision.


Twitter & Blue Ivy Saved Us All: The 2014 VMA Recap

The MTV Video Music Awards are nowhere close to what they used to be. We know this. But every year we continue to watch and wait for at least one hair flipping glimmer of hope, and until then we turn to social media to help cope through it all.

If you experience in particular live Twitter, you must so during an awards show. There’s barely anything in this world better. Except for alcohol after a rough day. And day’s off.  Early pay day deposits. Seeing an ex do bad without you.  A really good ass cheese platter. And an actual life.

Okay, so there’s a lot still greater but there’s no other way to spend the end of summer than wasting 3 hours to watch one of the most talked about events every year and The Beyonce’ concert VMAs was once again leaving topics, and tweets, up for discussion.


Greatest (& Lamest) VMA Performances of All Time


So we are officially two days away from the event that has shaped, thrilled, angered, enthused and rocked all of our little lives. That’s right, the MTV Video Music Awards are almost upon us again.

Now personally, these past few years haven’t really done much for me and I think it’s safe to say that music is just not what it used to be. However, this year we may have an actual show on our hands–whether you’re watching for the crazy dramatic Kanye West, the always on their game Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Miley Cyrus who might possibly twerk herself to death, Lady Gaga returning and opening the show, OR…..the one night reunion of N*Sync.

excitedDon’t act like that 14 year old in you didn’t freak out.

nsyncEither way, 2013 may be the VMA that will finally bring MTV back to life. But until we find out so, I decided to count down some of my favorite performances/moments brought to my eyes and forever in my heart. Thanks for something, MTV.


For Better or For Worse

Growing up, I lived in a pretty strict household. Actually, even once I was grown (at least in the eyes of the state), I lived in a pretty strict household. And I do mean strict. I was the bitch at 25 racing home to beat a midnight curfew.

Like I said, strict.

Now despite all of that, I am thankful and truly blessed for my upbringing–I could not have dreamed of better people to have raised me and help me become everything good in me that I am today.

But like a bird, eventually you must fly out and explore your own path. So that’s what I did.

And now after almost a year into my journey, things recently came to a screeching brake slam upon being asked to move back home.


I’m known sometimes to pop off at the mouth before thinking and not giving the classiest of answers, so before giving a clear one, I really had to sit down and put some thought into this shit.

Moving back home would be awesome to have more money to spend on pointless shit be more responsible and save money, but when everything is said and done I would be giving up the life I’d come to know in the past year…..