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New Year, Same Mess

Okay, so almost full 15 solid days into 2014 and I can now say with confidence that I am still a mess.

A mess for my standards.

Granted, shit could always be worse.fc50l

I’m not really big on New Years resolutions because I’ve learned a long time ago they just aren’t for me due to the fact that I make all these false promises to myself and to other people only to fail miserably and/or get mad at myself.

I’m all for change and advancing to the better good but that’s something that should be strived for regardless, despite the oncoming new year.

Admit it. You’re tired of seeing it too.

“New Year, New Me”.

“No time for lames this year”.

“Switching it up this time”.

“About to get my sexy back. Y’all ain’t ready”.

shut up we don't care2014 is a new chapter, a blank one. I just want to make it better than the last book, but other than that I can’t make typical resolutions for myself for the new year and let’s break this down why.


Lesson 2013

Coming into 2013, this year had a LOT to compete with in comparison to all of the changes that were made in 2012. I had moved out, broken up, started a blog, lost some old friends and gained some new ones. Like all of us I had no idea what to expect and now as I sit in the final day of this year I have to say this was the most interesting because I got to build on what has changed, grow more into the person I want to be, and truly take in what all 2013 has taught me.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

1 Despite what Drake says, it’s okay to be open to new friends.

Overall I’ve gotten closer to people who were already in my life in some capacity but one person definitely comes to mind as a new friend I’ve gained this year and I couldn’t imagine having to have gone through this year without her. Her wit, her support, her wisdom, her encouragement–thank you for always being there to listen, to drink, to dance, throw shade, vent, make me laugh and proving it’s okay to let strangers into your circle. new friends

The Party Survival Guide: The Holiday Edition

3b533d81fa971dd735c5672c1bcc123bDecember is halfway over and that means that we are well into the season of parties. Company holiday parties, parties hosted by family members, friends, and even yourself. holiday party

And unlike most of the usual parties, holiday parties enter a whole new zone of rules and guidelines.

Let’s get festive and break this shit down.


Survival Of The Mess: A Guide.


At some point or another, we all get stuck doing things we have to do, but don’t want to do. Jury duty, car maintenance, enduring long car rides with your crazy family members, finding yourself stuck in an aiport before/after a flight–whatever the case may be, it is a must to always ALWAYS come prepared and be ready for any long boring situation thrown your way.

If the mark is missed, you could be left alone and channeling your inner 2007 Britney Spears.

imsadWe don’t want to be sad, so let’s run down the must-haves, shall we?



‘Tis the season! Halloween is just around the corner and that means:

Parties, Parties, Parties.

Costume parties, Horror movie parties, Pumpkin parties, themed parties and just good ole fashioned house parties.

kid-n-playWhatever the reason may be, the outcome is always to have fun until your socks fall off.

That is an easy DO, but what about the DON’Ts of a party?

party (more…)

Summer of Struggle

quit adulthoodStruggle Bus: (adj.) Term used to metaphorically describe a difficult situation.

And it’s been in heavy route roation so far this summer. High chances are you are on the struggle bus as well. Not 100% completely sure if you are or have been? Have a seat next to me and let’s break this shit down.


You have been spending most of this summer living it up, partying down–buying new outfits, listening to exciting music, eating good food and hitting the road without a care in the universe….until you sit down, skim through your budget and check your bank account.

terrifiedSuddenly you are hit with the cold broke reality that you are in fact NOT Daddy Warbucks and will now be eating Ramen noodles, canned chilli and turkey/mayo sandwiches for the next week in a half. Especially if you want gas money. And to save yourself some pride and not go to your parentals acting nothing short of a damn fool.

bankruptcyWelcome to the struggle bus. (more…)

Yours, Mine & Ours.

This month officially marks one year since I’d finally decided to venture away from home and into a place of my own. And it’s been an incredible experience. I can’t even begin to fully express just how much I and my life in general has changed since I picked up those keys and started a whole new journey that was my own.

Sure, there are some days where the thought of paying bills and being broke again make me want to throw a toddler tantrum when all I really want to do in that moment is to go on a trip or an intense shopping spree or hit the bar with friends and get my Oprah on.

make it rainmake it rain2

Because I like showering, walking in lighted areas, driving a car and keeping up with my dose of trash tv cable I choose Responsible Ln.

Or at times when my family and I are sitting down and enjoying a meal together and they ask me how’s everything in which I reply with a collected answer instead of unleashing my initial inner feelings.can i come homeGrowing up is tough but in the end it makes you tougher.

fix it bossAnd wiser. And possibly more of a drinker.

fb7cb1258cca796fe6023bc5229754feAlong this new road in my life I’ve been approached by a few friends on teaming together, saving a bit more money and becoming those famous nine lettered words.



Welcome Back To Real Life

Coming back from vacation is the worst. Once you’re in the groove of things, it’s fine, but then you go on vacation for a few days and get spoiled. By the time it’s time to come to the real world, you don’t’ know where to begin to cope with yourself. Especially when you actually went somewhere and now it’s back to the town of everything else you know like:


work weekUnpacking and the 1,000 articles of clothing that make up the rest laundry.

lazyMaking your own dinner again.

wine (more…)

When Drinking Gets Drunk

So the other night, I decided to let my hair down a bit and give into the temptation of going out for lots of some drinks and good times with friends.

going outThe fun was out, the music was pumping and liquid was flowing.

shotsTowards the end of the night we all decided to head out a bit early to beat the crowd and also to attempt to be somewhat responsible and get some sleep to get back to our adult lives. *insert finger twirl here*

On the way outside, we noticed a young man sitting outside the bar on the ground throwing up.


Poor drunk ass fellow was just face to concrete yakking his life away and no one was there to help him out but the sounds of Rihanna‘s voice telling him to ‘Pour it Up’. I think he’s poured enough, Ri-Ri.

This incident made me start to think of past times where I was out drinking with friends and alcohol got the best of us. Oh yes, alcohol tends to do that to you sometimes.


The Plan.

normalSummer is almost here and that means:

My birthday is coming up. And Soon.

And while I should feel like this:

crying2I actually feel like this:

chewing2The “OH MY GOD I’M ONE MORE YEAR CLOSER TO THIRTY” hasn’t hit me yet. Really and truly, I don’t know if it ever really will–I have some time to change my mind though.

freaking outSure, sometimes I joke that I’m getting old as dirt, my hip hurts, or that I will end up in my future great-grandkids History book but my “closer to thirty” panic isn’t the typical “closer to thirty panic”.

I don’t freak out about “The Plan”.

What is “The Plan” exactly?