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The Challenge: Coming Clean

food chartEvery once in a while, I like to change things up from my usual love of pizza, beer, cheese, cake, some sort of meat concoction,  and more beer and go healthy on everyone’s ass.

Call it a cleanse, a guilty conscience, a desire to want to live a longer healthier life, or just become more aware of one’s body. Fact is: You eat good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you look good.

excuse me girl

While physical fitness is important, it all truly starts from within.

And unfortunately, it can’t be done from a case of Bud Light and $5 large pepperoni.8a4fb7f0271779c3e2e08116003e3983


Stress Po-Po

stress affects bodyStress. It’s something most of us know all too well.

Between work, studies, hobbies, relationships, bills, some kind of social life, money–how can you not feel it at some point or another?

While some may be able to control it with the grace of Princess Diana, others, including myself, can become a nightmare to be around.

stab a b18da0115461bdb9e835aea6851349dc3You’re tired, moody, your thoughts feel ready to combust out of your brain, you eat everything that is bad for you because you cried at work, nothing starts to make sense and everyone just about irritates you. Unless it’s something that contains a high alcohol content.

drink beerAnd when begin to vent your frustrations of stress, there are some people who usually respond by “Why don’t you take a vacation? Go out of town and hit a beach somewhere?”

mockingVacation is not always an option when you’re first class on the Struggle Bus.

my life is bufferingSo that’s when other alternatives must come in.


Pain Is Gain: The Challenge Update

So far this entire summer when it comes to Health & Fitness, I’ve been acting nothing short of a Summer-headed Ninnymuggins.

drunk sit

Birthdays, barbecues, pool days, holidays….how could one not?!

But now, summer is winding down and I can proudly say that I’m back on track.

Sort of.

Coming from almost two months solid of grease and boozery, jumping back into things that are actually good for you feels like foreign territory.

healthy dont like

Healthy eating has ALWAYS been a struggle for me. But when I do good, I do good.

Helllooooo delicious shrimp and crab meat salad.

Helllooooo delicious shrimp and crab meat salad.


I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up: Challenge update

fitness protectionSo the last time I sat down and talked health and fitness, I’d admitted I fell off the wagon. In attempt to get my life back on the greener side of the tracks, I threw out all of my junk food and drinks, and even gave up alcohol.

Then… birthday month of June rolled around.

trip and fallI’ve basically been drunk for 30 days straight and haven’t thought about excercise unless it involved a good twerk in to a 2chainz record.

dancing5I lived it up like it was 1986 again when I first graced this world with my hot mess presence and I’m sorry that I’m not sorry.

Now that July is here, the party is coming to an end.

dont worry about medont worry about me2dont worry about me3


The Struggle Is Real: The Challenge Update

dietsBetween the majority of spaghetti, enchiladas, pizza, boozery and no exercise (unless you count being on the go) I think it’s safe to say I’ve fallen off.

take care of myselfWHERE THE HELL DID MY SIDE OF VEGETABLES GO??!! My mini workouts?! Even my protein shakes?!

I think like most people who try and get a little healthy with it can all agree and notice a difference that when all you eat/drink is shit, all you feel like is shit. Even if it’s just taking a few vitamins, juicing, adding some broccolli, a quick run–when you go from suddenly not doing it anymore you find yourself going from feeling like this:


Loved Ones crawlIt’s time to get back on the wagon.


The Challenge: The Update.

The last time I sat and talked with you all on the subject of health and fitness, I was struggling.

This is the part where I say something phenomenal about how my life has changed drastically thanks to healthy eating and exercise.


c096ee651097be61ea3f8907e2a4219fOkay all jokes and pizza aside, I still have been trying to keep up with better choices overall but it still has definitely been a difficult challenge.

My schedule as of lately that has been in direct competition with Mario Lopez hasn’t been much of a help either.

But while on the go, instead of going with fast food I’ve been opting for better choices at a deli or sandwich shop. My main go to choice currently has been a salmon sandwich with a cup of fruit and a bottle of water.

In your face, progess!!


And while working out is still a major issue with me, I’ve been making an effort to at least get in a gym once a week for 10-30 minute workouts. It may not sound like a whole lot, but little lifts and a crunch or two go a long way in the end. I’m already noticing more definition in my arms and in my moods altogether from when I make the time to exercise and when I don’t.


Baby steps.

The Challenge.

Fresh from my day off and I am back into the swing of routine!


As mentioned before in previous recipes, I’ve been trying to get more in the habit of healthy eating, and I’ve also been trying to embrace the idea of working out. And all in all, it has been a challenge.

7608ae254ad1c84f28f05a3e2fd8a252Working out has honestly never held my attention for too long, I’ve never counted a calorie in my life and just about anything with cheese/or alcohol is my best friend.

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