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Tuesday Tidbits: Previews of NOAP

tuesday tidbits

I didn’t sleep well last night.

And while it could be that I have the sleep pattern of a psychopath, have 22,000 items still left on my to-do list, trash on trash television programs patiently waiting for me on my DVR to watch, 2 books I’m currently reading, wondering what James Franco is up to in a very moment, etc. etc. etc.

Last night, however, I’m going to blame lack of  sleep on this bitch.

conjuring-doll-annabellegiphyYou’ve probably have started to see previews for the upcoming film Annabelle, which is the prequel to The Conjuring and follows the story of a couple who begin to experience supernatural incidents involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.

Now, listen. It’s known I have a fiery love for all things Horror films, but let me have a moment of honesty.

Antique dolls creep me out. I can watch Child’s Play all day and not blink an eye, but those old school dolls? Hand me my purse, because I’m out.

My spirit still isn’t right from Dead Silence.

dead_silence_3prayerAnd that was 7 years ago.

Now here comes this damn doll’s cousin Annabelle twerking all over my peace with her creepiness. To me, she was the scariest part of The Conjuring and she was only in the film for a grand total of probably about 15 minutes. She scared the hell out of us, got her check and bounced, and returning to terrorize in 30 seconds or less until next month. And yes, I’m the girl that changes the commercial every time she arrives on my television and puts on the channel with all the church programs or The Disney Channel. Annabelle wouldn’t DARE step in Mickey’s house with that shit.

Arriving in my face also, is another story.

bitch slap

Don’t make me call Chucky, girl.

Despite my punk ass feelings toward her, will I be in attendance for the Annabelle premiere?



Scream out in theaters with this idiot when Annabelle hits theaters everywhere October 3rd.

Twitter & Blue Ivy Saved Us All: The 2014 VMA Recap

The MTV Video Music Awards are nowhere close to what they used to be. We know this. But every year we continue to watch and wait for at least one hair flipping glimmer of hope, and until then we turn to social media to help cope through it all.

If you experience in particular live Twitter, you must so during an awards show. There’s barely anything in this world better. Except for alcohol after a rough day. And day’s off.  Early pay day deposits. Seeing an ex do bad without you.  A really good ass cheese platter. And an actual life.

Okay, so there’s a lot still greater but there’s no other way to spend the end of summer than wasting 3 hours to watch one of the most talked about events every year and The Beyonce’ concert VMAs was once again leaving topics, and tweets, up for discussion.


Thank you, Mr. Williams

5cd92fb354aaaedfa83a0a239af6c576As the news is fully out there, the world is still rocked by yesterday’s announcement of the death of actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer Robin Williams. Williams for most has been admired and raved for his incredible range of talent in films like Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, One Hour Photo, and an on and on going list that could NOT be completed without Mrs. Doubtfire.  Robin Williams’ work has touched the universe in one way or another for his talent, but most importantly what is most tragic is that he seemed like a genuine, humble, all around nice human being despite the fact that he publicly and privately battled his own personal demons. Celebrity deaths are nothing rare but this, like the death of Paul Walker and Marilyn Burns to name a few, truly hit me in one way or another. For Robin, as one of my favorite actors it was never a piece of work of his I didn’t like or completely get lost in–he had the amazing ability to make us laugh, root for him and even in some works scare us all at a drop of a hat(If you haven’t seen One Hour Photo rent it NOW). And always taught those who looked up to him it was okay to be weird and eccentric and forever think outside of the normal. Thank you, Mr. Williams, may your talents forever live on and may you finally be at peace.




Shade vs Reading

Real-Housewives-of-AtlantaI LOVE my fair portion of trash reality television, and Real Housewives of Atlanta definitely does not miss the plate. This season thus far has been an interesting one with Porsha’s divorce, Mama Joyce’s hatred for Todd, and whether or not Kenya actually did offer to “suck Apollo’s wee-wee”. I wish I was making some of this shit up.

On one of the more recent episodes cast member Nene Leakes brought along one of her friends Mynique to a group gathering where she was later then schooled on the fundamentals of throwing shade and reading.


No, not that kind of reading.


  • Shade: acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone a.k.a “throwing shade”.
  • Read: To tell someone about themself, as in “Don’t do it bitch, I will read your ass”.

Bitch don't comeShade throwing and serving a good read–you either know it or you don’t. Personally it’s not something that can be taught, especially in the span of a few minutes and then be put up against almost the entire cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta–because chances are you won’t be ready.

However, let’s get with the Gawds and break this all down: Get your glasses handy because the library is officially open, honey chile.


R.I.P. Paul Walker

dcb872f976156247a11a01e34c45aefeIn today’s world, death is something we’ve come to know all too well with American tragedies, countless men and women losing their lives fighting for the continued freedom of our country, and the passing of people who let into our homes and our lives on a regular basis, celebrities.

I think most of us have all had a famous face we cherished for one reason or another, and felt a sad loss upon hearing they were no longer on earth with us. From Elvis to Bette Davis to James Dean to Marilyn Monroe to Aaliyah to Heath Leger to Michael Jackson–their losses hit individuals in mourning and shock as if they’d lost an old friend.

Yesterday evening it was announced and confirmed that actor Paul Walker and driver partner Roger Rodas, had died in a fatal California car crash after attending a charity event. Most of us remember Walker from the Fast & The Furious movie franchise as former undercover cop Brian O’Conner–guys loved him and girls swooned over him. Personally I was a huge fan of the first film and Walker’s baby blues but overall just because he seemed like one of the few Hollywood actors who had a decent head on his shoulders–never was really in the tabloids, kept his private life to himself, always was involved in countless charities and seemed like a very nice person to interview.

It’s always the good ones that seem to go entirely too soon.

Paul Walker was 40 and is survived by his only child and daughter, Meadow, who is 15. Thoughts are with his and Rodas’ family, friends, castmates/crew and everyone else saddened by this tragic news.

Throwback Tales: The Time I Was Personally Victimized By Regina George

movie-bffs-quiz-main-mean-girlsOkay, so everyone by now has either seen or at least have well known knowledge of Mean Girls.

If you have no clue of this film, you most likely living in a hut with no source of television or internet and probably are the proud owner of one of the original cell phones.

I'm looking a you Zack Morris.

I’m looking at you Zack Morris.

If you are up with the times and aware of this film first off pat yourself on the back, then stop and think about the time you encountered Regina George.

Obviously not THE Regina George, but rather your own personal version. Almost everyone especially in “Girl World” has experienced one at least once in their lifetime. Personally I can think of a few Mean Girls, but really only one Regina George-esque human comes to mind.


Throwback Tales: Get Witchy Wit’ It

4a8fe5c4335d5fcb69d548ec6caee0c2While I will forever love my fair amount of trash tv, I do love shows that have actual plots, meaning and legit actors that come along with it, one of those shows being American Horror Story.

Season One which debuted on FX in 2011 was good, Two there was entirely too much going on which lost me and the intial news of Season Three almost left my eyes stuck in the back of my damn head. Witches, AGAIN?!

eye roll (2)Haven’t we seen enough of those?

Each season is a different focus, a different story with most of the same cast playing off as different characters. We’ve already been to the haunted house, the mental institution and now we are headed to the bewitched streets of New Orleans.

Because I am a fan of the first season and the more I heard on casting news I knew I had to at least give the upcoming season a chance.

Season Three premiered last night and HOLY SHIT WHERE DO I START?

The cast of Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Jamie Brewer, Denis O’Hare and the QUEEN Jessica Lange all return alongside a new school of cast members Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates and Gabourey Sidibe to tell the tale of a young girl who discovers she is a witch and is sent to live at a school for young girls possessing similar gifts.

Between Lange, Bates, and Bassett, the cinematography and the soundtrack life and a HALF is already given.

Original bad bitches.

Original bad bitches.

Episode one already has me hooked and I think this will be the best season of the series thus far.

popcorn intense

With that said, the return of this show and it’s touch on witchy roots got me thinking about the time I myself thought I was a witch.


Ratchet Ain’t The New Black: VMA Recap

MTV-VMA-2013promoLast night MTV brought us its’ biggest night and I must say, it definitely picked up compared to the previous shows that we have gotten used to. Some for good reasons, and others for just the good God awful. Let’s just go ahead and jump right into it with Lady Gaga who opened the show looking like this:

Lady-Gaga-performs-at-the-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2223202With Gaga and her performances we should always expect crazy and over the top. This one was one of her tamer ones but still complete with crazy costumes and an all around fun performance to watch. I haven’t heard the full track of Applause until now and I definitely got a good dance move or two out of it.

And can we just stop and applaud Gaga on THAT BODY.

lady-gaga-vma-650-b-640x423Personally I think it’s the best she’s ever looked, hip surgery and all.

And even though at the end she was dawned in only some sea shells and a thong, it didn’t seem grotesque or raunchy. It’s Gaga, she can do whatever she wants at this point and people will still dig it.

But you know was just entire too much for all walks of life?

If you saw the show, you know who I’m talking about.



Greatest (& Lamest) VMA Performances of All Time


So we are officially two days away from the event that has shaped, thrilled, angered, enthused and rocked all of our little lives. That’s right, the MTV Video Music Awards are almost upon us again.

Now personally, these past few years haven’t really done much for me and I think it’s safe to say that music is just not what it used to be. However, this year we may have an actual show on our hands–whether you’re watching for the crazy dramatic Kanye West, the always on their game Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Miley Cyrus who might possibly twerk herself to death, Lady Gaga returning and opening the show, OR…..the one night reunion of N*Sync.

excitedDon’t act like that 14 year old in you didn’t freak out.

nsyncEither way, 2013 may be the VMA that will finally bring MTV back to life. But until we find out so, I decided to count down some of my favorite performances/moments brought to my eyes and forever in my heart. Thanks for something, MTV.


Always & Forever

I wish I could quit MTV. Growing up, and as most will probably agree, it was a huge part of my life thanks to early morning music videos, TRL, the catalyst to my Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears addiction, MTV Diary, Daria, The Real World (Las Vegas will forever be the best season), the VMAs and the MTV Movie Awards to name a few.

Then somewhere along the way, that love became lost thanks to the likes of programs like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant.

teen momBut now MTV is slowly beginning to take over my DVR again courtesty of old reruns of The Hills and my current love/obsession of with the show and also becoming a cast member of Season Three of Girl Code.

girl codeAnd what would love and MTV be without the return of one of my all time stupid favorites….Laguna Beach.