Month: December 2013

Lesson 2013

Coming into 2013, this year had a LOT to compete with in comparison to all of the changes that were made in 2012. I had moved out, broken up, started a blog, lost some old friends and gained some new ones. Like all of us I had no idea what to expect and now as I sit in the final day of this year I have to say this was the most interesting because I got to build on what has changed, grow more into the person I want to be, and truly take in what all 2013 has taught me.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

1 Despite what Drake says, it’s okay to be open to new friends.

Overall I’ve gotten closer to people who were already in my life in some capacity but one person definitely comes to mind as a new friend I’ve gained this year and I couldn’t imagine having to have gone through this year without her. Her wit, her support, her wisdom, her encouragement–thank you for always being there to listen, to drink, to dance, throw shade, vent, make me laugh and proving it’s okay to let strangers into your circle. new friends

Throwback Tales: Welcome To The Dark Side: Part 1.

At least once a month I like to throw in something I created on Throwback Thursday called “Throwback Tales”, which goes back in time to something ridiculous I’ve experience so we can all sit and laugh at what a fool how interesting life can be at times.

Considering this is the last Thursday of 2013, I saved this particular tale and something that happened this summer’s end for last. It definitely isn’t the most outrageous incident that has happened, but it inspired three parts of Throwback Tales and it’s something I said I would never, ever, ever do.


d1040bad2e5684c6117a61f6a6336c58But after being pressured from friends and family members probably secretly browsing through brochures to throw me into a convent, I gave into the idea for over an entire month. And lived to blog about it.


The Party Survival Guide: The Holiday Edition

3b533d81fa971dd735c5672c1bcc123bDecember is halfway over and that means that we are well into the season of parties. Company holiday parties, parties hosted by family members, friends, and even yourself. holiday party

And unlike most of the usual parties, holiday parties enter a whole new zone of rules and guidelines.

Let’s get festive and break this shit down.


25 Facts of Random

I am horrible.

At least in a sense of blogger nominations and following back in a timely manner.

Bad, bad, bad.

In the midst of promising myself to get better at stuff like this, my lovely friend and fellow Horror nerd Kalyn over at Killer Kalyn  tagged me in this a while ago and I finally strapped myself down to dish out some facts. Some of these if you’ve been keeping up is probably a given and initially I wanted this for my 100th post but 102 is about the same, right?

So without further procrastination I present…Twenty-five Facts of Random.

1. I’m a Gemini, almost textbook.


2. My favorite film of all time is The Lost Boys.

lost boys


R.I.P. Paul Walker

dcb872f976156247a11a01e34c45aefeIn today’s world, death is something we’ve come to know all too well with American tragedies, countless men and women losing their lives fighting for the continued freedom of our country, and the passing of people who let into our homes and our lives on a regular basis, celebrities.

I think most of us have all had a famous face we cherished for one reason or another, and felt a sad loss upon hearing they were no longer on earth with us. From Elvis to Bette Davis to James Dean to Marilyn Monroe to Aaliyah to Heath Leger to Michael Jackson–their losses hit individuals in mourning and shock as if they’d lost an old friend.

Yesterday evening it was announced and confirmed that actor Paul Walker and driver partner Roger Rodas, had died in a fatal California car crash after attending a charity event. Most of us remember Walker from the Fast & The Furious movie franchise as former undercover cop Brian O’Conner–guys loved him and girls swooned over him. Personally I was a huge fan of the first film and Walker’s baby blues but overall just because he seemed like one of the few Hollywood actors who had a decent head on his shoulders–never was really in the tabloids, kept his private life to himself, always was involved in countless charities and seemed like a very nice person to interview.

It’s always the good ones that seem to go entirely too soon.

Paul Walker was 40 and is survived by his only child and daughter, Meadow, who is 15. Thoughts are with his and Rodas’ family, friends, castmates/crew and everyone else saddened by this tragic news.