Month: October 2013


‘Tis the season! Halloween is just around the corner and that means:

Parties, Parties, Parties.

Costume parties, Horror movie parties, Pumpkin parties, themed parties and just good ole fashioned house parties.

kid-n-playWhatever the reason may be, the outcome is always to have fun until your socks fall off.

That is an easy DO, but what about the DON’Ts of a party?

party (more…)

Fall Fashion Must Haves

octobersWe are officially halfway into one of, if not THE GREATEST month ever, and that also means that Fall is officially upon us.

If you don’t know why Fall is the shit let’s break it down:

  • Football.
  • It’s not hot as fried Hell outside.
  • HORROR GALORE–return of shows like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, and numerous classic movie marathons.
  • Your friends dressing in ridiculous costumes like this:

miley robinoh i love itoh i love it2

  • Festivals Festivals Festivals
  • Holiday events with lots of food
  • Avoiding Spending time with your loved ones
  • Pumpkin everything

And of course:

  • Fashion.

clothes fabulousSince no one wants to be the dumb bitch rocking a tank top and denim shorts as the temperature drops let’s discuss some must have pieces/look for Fall, shall we?


Throwback Tales: Get Witchy Wit’ It

4a8fe5c4335d5fcb69d548ec6caee0c2While I will forever love my fair amount of trash tv, I do love shows that have actual plots, meaning and legit actors that come along with it, one of those shows being American Horror Story.

Season One which debuted on FX in 2011 was good, Two there was entirely too much going on which lost me and the intial news of Season Three almost left my eyes stuck in the back of my damn head. Witches, AGAIN?!

eye roll (2)Haven’t we seen enough of those?

Each season is a different focus, a different story with most of the same cast playing off as different characters. We’ve already been to the haunted house, the mental institution and now we are headed to the bewitched streets of New Orleans.

Because I am a fan of the first season and the more I heard on casting news I knew I had to at least give the upcoming season a chance.

Season Three premiered last night and HOLY SHIT WHERE DO I START?

The cast of Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Jamie Brewer, Denis O’Hare and the QUEEN Jessica Lange all return alongside a new school of cast members Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates and Gabourey Sidibe to tell the tale of a young girl who discovers she is a witch and is sent to live at a school for young girls possessing similar gifts.

Between Lange, Bates, and Bassett, the cinematography and the soundtrack life and a HALF is already given.

Original bad bitches.

Original bad bitches.

Episode one already has me hooked and I think this will be the best season of the series thus far.

popcorn intense

With that said, the return of this show and it’s touch on witchy roots got me thinking about the time I myself thought I was a witch.


Stress Po-Po

stress affects bodyStress. It’s something most of us know all too well.

Between work, studies, hobbies, relationships, bills, some kind of social life, money–how can you not feel it at some point or another?

While some may be able to control it with the grace of Princess Diana, others, including myself, can become a nightmare to be around.

stab a b18da0115461bdb9e835aea6851349dc3You’re tired, moody, your thoughts feel ready to combust out of your brain, you eat everything that is bad for you because you cried at work, nothing starts to make sense and everyone just about irritates you. Unless it’s something that contains a high alcohol content.

drink beerAnd when begin to vent your frustrations of stress, there are some people who usually respond by “Why don’t you take a vacation? Go out of town and hit a beach somewhere?”

mockingVacation is not always an option when you’re first class on the Struggle Bus.

my life is bufferingSo that’s when other alternatives must come in.