Month: August 2013

Ratchet Ain’t The New Black: VMA Recap

MTV-VMA-2013promoLast night MTV brought us its’ biggest night and I must say, it definitely picked up compared to the previous shows that we have gotten used to. Some for good reasons, and others for just the good God awful. Let’s just go ahead and jump right into it with Lady Gaga who opened the show looking like this:

Lady-Gaga-performs-at-the-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2223202With Gaga and her performances we should always expect crazy and over the top. This one was one of her tamer ones but still complete with crazy costumes and an all around fun performance to watch. I haven’t heard the full track of Applause until now and I definitely got a good dance move or two out of it.

And can we just stop and applaud Gaga on THAT BODY.

lady-gaga-vma-650-b-640x423Personally I think it’s the best she’s ever looked, hip surgery and all.

And even though at the end she was dawned in only some sea shells and a thong, it didn’t seem grotesque or raunchy. It’s Gaga, she can do whatever she wants at this point and people will still dig it.

But you know was just entire too much for all walks of life?

If you saw the show, you know who I’m talking about.



Greatest (& Lamest) VMA Performances of All Time


So we are officially two days away from the event that has shaped, thrilled, angered, enthused and rocked all of our little lives. That’s right, the MTV Video Music Awards are almost upon us again.

Now personally, these past few years haven’t really done much for me and I think it’s safe to say that music is just not what it used to be. However, this year we may have an actual show on our hands–whether you’re watching for the crazy dramatic Kanye West, the always on their game Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Miley Cyrus who might possibly twerk herself to death, Lady Gaga returning and opening the show, OR…..the one night reunion of N*Sync.

excitedDon’t act like that 14 year old in you didn’t freak out.

nsyncEither way, 2013 may be the VMA that will finally bring MTV back to life. But until we find out so, I decided to count down some of my favorite performances/moments brought to my eyes and forever in my heart. Thanks for something, MTV.


The Obsession Diaries: Rompers, Polish and Prison.


Obsession DiariesIt’s officially that time again and long overdue to dish out what I’ve been enjoying, loving and well, obsessing over this past summer, starting with my favorite go-to outfit:


For those of you not completely sure what this is–

Romper: A romper suit is a one-piece garment worn by children and sometimes women.

or as Urban Dictionary likes to put it:

Romper: A summer dress that also has a fingering prevention device.

no way jose (more…)

Pain Is Gain: The Challenge Update

So far this entire summer when it comes to Health & Fitness, I’ve been acting nothing short of a Summer-headed Ninnymuggins.

drunk sit

Birthdays, barbecues, pool days, holidays….how could one not?!

But now, summer is winding down and I can proudly say that I’m back on track.

Sort of.

Coming from almost two months solid of grease and boozery, jumping back into things that are actually good for you feels like foreign territory.

healthy dont like

Healthy eating has ALWAYS been a struggle for me. But when I do good, I do good.

Helllooooo delicious shrimp and crab meat salad.

Helllooooo delicious shrimp and crab meat salad.


Summer of Struggle

quit adulthoodStruggle Bus: (adj.) Term used to metaphorically describe a difficult situation.

And it’s been in heavy route roation so far this summer. High chances are you are on the struggle bus as well. Not 100% completely sure if you are or have been? Have a seat next to me and let’s break this shit down.


You have been spending most of this summer living it up, partying down–buying new outfits, listening to exciting music, eating good food and hitting the road without a care in the universe….until you sit down, skim through your budget and check your bank account.

terrifiedSuddenly you are hit with the cold broke reality that you are in fact NOT Daddy Warbucks and will now be eating Ramen noodles, canned chilli and turkey/mayo sandwiches for the next week in a half. Especially if you want gas money. And to save yourself some pride and not go to your parentals acting nothing short of a damn fool.

bankruptcyWelcome to the struggle bus. (more…)