Month: July 2013

Always & Forever

I wish I could quit MTV. Growing up, and as most will probably agree, it was a huge part of my life thanks to early morning music videos, TRL, the catalyst to my Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears addiction, MTV Diary, Daria, The Real World (Las Vegas will forever be the best season), the VMAs and the MTV Movie Awards to name a few.

Then somewhere along the way, that love became lost thanks to the likes of programs like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant.

teen momBut now MTV is slowly beginning to take over my DVR again courtesty of old reruns of The Hills and my current love/obsession of with the show and also becoming a cast member of Season Three of Girl Code.

girl codeAnd what would love and MTV be without the return of one of my all time stupid favorites….Laguna Beach.


Sh*t We’ve Learned About Dating From Horror Films

the conjuringOver the weekend I got some down time to hit the theaters with friends and go see The Conjuring, for those of you unfamiliar it follows the story of the Warren couple who are also paranormal investigators whom step in to help a terrorized family from a dark presence at their new home.

Knowing anything about me one of the things high on the list is that I am a dedicated fan of the Horror genre basically since birth, and despite the fact that most releases lately have sucked, I had to go and check this film out front and center.

And I was not disappointed.

Based off of a true story (actually the Warren couple are behind the true story of The Amityville Horror as well), the film like most was slow in the beginning but definitely kept the tone of eerie throughout. The acting was on point and the scares delivered. Everyone, including myself for the first time, was hollering in that theater like a fool.

scaredI can watch things like Chucky all day, but put an antique doll in my face along with creepy old ladies in a house and there is a problem.

The film went on to gross $41.5 million over the weekend and it is solid proof that the Horror genre is not dead and that people still love a good story and to be scared.

But what I realized specifically after talking with a friend is that we live our own little Horror films in our everyday lives.


And of course, there are rules and things to be learned.


Why ‘Catfish’ Brings Out The Worst In Us.

catfish nev maxIf you’ve ever seen even just five minutes of this damn show you should understand just how addicting it is to watch. Now in it’s second season, lovers friends/film partners Nev and Max are back to serve up new delicious tales of real life people trying to find real love online.

And following so far you should know by from what we’ve seen it never ends well.

Catfish: The TV Show (Season 2, Ep. 2) (Screengrab)Guys and gals will be online for a smooth three years talking and loving it up on the phone to someone who looks like this:

real-paola-catfishBut turns out to actually look like this:

paolaOr they think they’ve been sexting and falling in love with someone like this guy:

SONY DSLRWhen it turns out to actually just be the bitch from down the street.


Yours, Mine & Ours.

This month officially marks one year since I’d finally decided to venture away from home and into a place of my own. And it’s been an incredible experience. I can’t even begin to fully express just how much I and my life in general has changed since I picked up those keys and started a whole new journey that was my own.

Sure, there are some days where the thought of paying bills and being broke again make me want to throw a toddler tantrum when all I really want to do in that moment is to go on a trip or an intense shopping spree or hit the bar with friends and get my Oprah on.

make it rainmake it rain2

Because I like showering, walking in lighted areas, driving a car and keeping up with my dose of trash tv cable I choose Responsible Ln.

Or at times when my family and I are sitting down and enjoying a meal together and they ask me how’s everything in which I reply with a collected answer instead of unleashing my initial inner feelings.can i come homeGrowing up is tough but in the end it makes you tougher.

fix it bossAnd wiser. And possibly more of a drinker.

fb7cb1258cca796fe6023bc5229754feAlong this new road in my life I’ve been approached by a few friends on teaming together, saving a bit more money and becoming those famous nine lettered words.



I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up: Challenge update

fitness protectionSo the last time I sat down and talked health and fitness, I’d admitted I fell off the wagon. In attempt to get my life back on the greener side of the tracks, I threw out all of my junk food and drinks, and even gave up alcohol.

Then… birthday month of June rolled around.

trip and fallI’ve basically been drunk for 30 days straight and haven’t thought about excercise unless it involved a good twerk in to a 2chainz record.

dancing5I lived it up like it was 1986 again when I first graced this world with my hot mess presence and I’m sorry that I’m not sorry.

Now that July is here, the party is coming to an end.

dont worry about medont worry about me2dont worry about me3