Month: March 2013

Spring Break is broken


I’ve never been big on Spring Break. In the younger years, while it was cool to be off for a week from school, that was usually the time my parentals took to get on me about extensive house cleaning and in the older years it was a time where friends nagged me to chip in on hotel/alcohol/gas fees to hit up some beach and party with a bunch of randoms. I took on my first full time job by 17 and quickly got addicted to the feeling of making my own money so I always skipped out on joining in the Spring Break festivities. Until this day I have never been on Spring Break vacation.

Now that I am out of school, I wouldn’t dare participate in it now. To each is own, but the thought of a grown ass person with no current college credits to their name going out to party with a bunch of college kids is creepy and desperate to me. You think you’re out there in your bikini, getting it in looking like this:

TwerkWhen in reality you look more like this:

Drunk ugly dance

And feeling like this the next day while all of your spring chicken friends are up and out early to party another round.


So when the news of the film Spring Breakers first came out, I had no interest in it….until I saw the trailer.

That’s when I realized in spirit, it was time to go on Spring Break. There’s only so long you can resist girls with guns, dance tracks, Britney Spears’ singalongs and James I Wanna Have Your Mulatto Babies Franco.

Oh haaayyyy.

Oh haaayyyy.

The film features an all around cast of familiar faces and is written/directed by Harmony Korine, who also wrote Kidswhich if you haven’t seen it–stop reading and go get it. Well actually finish reading, then go get it.

With such a phenomenal film under the belt (as well as others) and a decent crew of actors on deck–Spring Breakers has got to be worth watching, right?


Chasing Dreams.

Apparently Ray Charles did my hair that day.

Apparently Ray Charles did my hair that day.

Since I was a kid, I always knew I wanted to be a writer and have my hands on anything that could get me being creative and allow me to put my own spin on things, from writing to sketching my own designs to running around making up incidents then going to my family and my dolls to interview them about it. Barbie gave the best responses.


I also thought at some point I would be a part-time doctor and moonlight also as an ice skater….those two didn’t work out so well upon realizing that the thought of school for over four years made my stomach hurt and that I am also a fucking klutz.

ice fall

Thankfully writing seemed to stick–it’s my outlet, my grounded place so to speak–to sit down and create a whole new world that I control and to be able to sit back and look at the finished product that can eventually be shared with people is a feeling I will never get over. It’s the true definition of a natural high to me.

Now that I’m old as fuck older, I’m finally starting to really put my work and thoughts out there and actually put effort into pursuing my dreams of putting a stamp on the world of entertainment. Less partying/hanging out, more energy put into writing, building and networking. Eventually it will pay off.

Recently I got the wonderful opportunity to interview two of the cast members of the new show for Direct TV, Rogue, starring Thandie Newton, Joshua Sasse, and Leah Gibson. Why on earth was my goofy ass picked to cover this event is beyond me, but I didn’t want to mess up. I studied, I researched, prayed, everything I could do to make sure when I walked in the door I was prepared. Because no one wants to be THAT PERSON.

tumblr_mi4agjoU411ql5yr7o1_400After shaking off some nerves, I went in with my questions, managed to speak English and not nervous gibber, shared a few laughs, not drool over Joshua Sasse and got back some positive feedback once it was all over.


I’ve had a few opportunities in the past to cover some things, but this one was definitely the biggest/most extensive thus far and certainly a driving force to keep practicing, keep pursuing and keep getting better.


If there’s something you are passionate about, DO IT–pursue it and be the damn best at it you can be. Basically:


And if you don’t get that reference, 1) Shame on you and 2) We’ll never be best friends and 3) Still pursue your dreams, go watch Mean Girls immediately and remember:


When Googling Goes Wrong

how toGoogle. Everyone uses it for something. Restaurant recommendations, song lyrics, film references, answers to a school assignment, drink mixtures–it has kind of become a life essential. And to make it even better, I live for the suggestions that pop up in the search box. Most of the time it comes in handy, other times it’s like….what in the blue haired Devil?!!

Today’s search is one of those examples. The line-up for the upcoming Reading Festival was recently announced and I am geeking. Eminem, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, White Lies—DKFHIERHIEHARIEHRIHERERKIARER!!! Just stop right there and sign me up.

crazy dancing

Problem is that it is held in England and I have never been out of the country.

So I decided to visit my good friend Google and find out what steps need to be taken to in order to get my passport and get my ass over the pond to see this badass show….and the first thing to pop up? “How to get your ex back”. EXCUSE?!!

are you serious


The Challenge.

Fresh from my day off and I am back into the swing of routine!


As mentioned before in previous recipes, I’ve been trying to get more in the habit of healthy eating, and I’ve also been trying to embrace the idea of working out. And all in all, it has been a challenge.

7608ae254ad1c84f28f05a3e2fd8a252Working out has honestly never held my attention for too long, I’ve never counted a calorie in my life and just about anything with cheese/or alcohol is my best friend.

14195b1d5b8a0de274cb9943e6a857e6 (more…)

Destination: Vacation

Starting this off by saying “I’m tired” is an understatement.

I’m pretty sure I am dead. But I’m that much of a stubborn badass that I am writing this post from the grave.

Between working two jobs, trying to be a responsible adult and stay on top of bills and shit, building a blog, starting a web series, and trying to hold tight to a pinch of a social life–I AM READY FOR A VACATION.

I tried to sit down and think when was the last time I just had a day off to myself and the best I could come up with was two months ago. Unacceptable.

And the last time I actually went of a vacation somewhere? October of 2010.

For a young, single girl with no kids and a passion for travel, arts and drunkery that’s just well….UNACCEPTABLE.

My family and friends are always getting on me lately of working like a robot and needing to take some time for myself–93% of the time I blow it off but that 7% is starting to listen a bit more. The past week or so I’ve gone from my normal self of being bubbly and eccentric…to THIS:


Catching Up With ‘Girls’.


So I don’t know too many females who AREN’T into this Sunday night phenomenon, but if you are one of the few who are not Girls is a 30 minute series on HBO starring/written/directed by Lena Dunham and follows the story of four girlfriends living and struggling to find themselves in New York City.

Yeah sure, it kind of sounds like that OTHER show Sex In The City, (which I’ve never seen or care to btw), but with more of a realistic take on living in the Big Apple. At least living in the Big Apple in your 20s. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have moved into the city with these expectations of dancing the night away in Manolos and rubbing shoulders with the hot, rich and famous only to end up living in a box, paranoid of rats and eating syrup sandwiches while drinking a box of wine. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Cry face

The show is currently in its’ second season, which I’ll get to in a minute but going back to the beginning with season one: the season itself had already wrapped and I randomly had decided to give into the word of mouth after finding myself on the couch with some free time, a broken heart and a lot of wine in my glass. Episode by episode, I found myself slowly getting more into it and by Episode 4 I was completely hooked. Episode 7, ‘Welcome To Bushwick a.k.a ‘The Crackcident’ is hands down my favorite though.

All of the characters and their situations were completely relatable, personally for me with Marnie and her season one situation from dealing with wanting to breakup to breaking up to getting back together only to break up again to having to face your ex and his new side piece to having a huge fight with your best friend.

I am a good fucking friend!