Month: February 2013

Holy Hiatus


Y’all. It’s been officially over an entire month since I’ve dished out a healthy serving of some vodka and cupcakes. And that my friends, is simply UNACCEPTABLE.

In the midst of my little break, I’ve had some time to focus on some other aspects of sorts.

#1-After ten long years of memories and of at least a year of plotting to do so, I finally OFFICIALLY decided my car Felicia had to go. I’ve never been one of those people to name their vehicles until the day I decided to get rid of her–Felicia just made sense. After a broken A/C / heater, and oil that guzzed down faster than Lindsay Lohan at a Happy Hour, I handed the papers in for my car and upgraded to a fancy vehicle. I’m sure at some point I might have doubts on this decision as I cry about my current bank account status into a bowl of Ramen noodles but for now it feels good to be rid of Felicia.


#2-Since I’ve been back on the car payment train, a big majority of my going out expenses has been cut to a bare minimum. So instead of going out to eat, I’ve been cooking more. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but I’m sure at some point that will change when I actually have to start cooking for my husband and kids. Which is why I am in no rush for a husband and kids. Therefore my family can continue to think that I am really a lesbian and I will continue to enjoy my fabulous meals for myself and the company that I choose.

With all that that said, I’ve been finding and getting down on some pretty awesome recipes–and I will be sharing them with you all. 🙂


#3-The Most Popular Girls In School are ruling my month of February. Like I religiously have to watch it at some part of the day and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. Point, blank, plastic. P.S my favorite character is DeAndra.


#4-While I’m slowly getting a handle on this whole “budgeting” nonsense, sometimes you just have to break down and splurge. Especially if one of your favorite bands is coming to town. For the last time. Like ever. For me, that band was Underoath. And unlike some artists, I actually believe them when they say they are ending their reign as a band. So despite my account giving me side eyes, I broke down and got some tickets. Because I didn’t ever want to look back and regret not going.

Moral of the story: Sometimes you just got to break down and buy the damn tickets.

Oh and sometimes you just have to step out and make it known you like the damn guy. That’s #5.