Month: January 2013

Geeking. A Review Of Sorts.

At some point in life, everyone will have at least one moment that makes them geek the hell out and feel like they are a child again. That moment happened to me Thursday night. I got a wonderful opportunity to catch the premiere of Texas Chainsaw 3D, the anticipated sequel to THE ORIGINAL 1974 classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As if that wasn’t exciting enough for me, we also found out that the actress Marilyn Burns–who played surviving victim Sally in the original–would be attending the screening and signing autographs. Suddenly I all sense went out the window and I felt like I was five again. I may have acted a bit like it too because in that moment all I could do was jump and clap.

Now, I warned you guys I am a huge Horror nerd, I have been pretty much my entire life since the moment I was about four and my dad left on the film Maniac in his office and I snuck in to watch. Both of my parents were fans of the genre so once they realized I was too and understood that they were just movies, they exposed me to the real classics. I was five when I first sat down to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacrewell I started off sitting down, by the last 13 minutes of the film I was literally jumping up and down on the couch despite my mother’s demands screaming for Sally to make it. She did, and I secretly like to think still that I helped in that due to my support.


And fast forward to this past Thursday, and here Miss Marilyn was in front of me. I’d also seen her in the film Eaten Alive (1977), which wasn’t a classic but was about guy feeding people who pissed him off to his pet alligator and still held a weird place in my heart because it was one of the films I’d watched alone with my mom as a kid. Considering I’m not an only child, I didn’t get a lot of alone time or peaceful alone time with her at that so I cherish every moment with her that I did.

Thankfully by the time we got to the line for our meet/greet we had beaten most of the crowd; we made it to the front of the line and I was able to go first and find my words without looking like a weirdo. Marilyn was super nice, and then told me that my shirt was the coolest she had seen. Then I got giddy again and I think I spoke English back to her but things were kind of a blur at that point. I was handed my autograph and gained access into the theater.

206207_4715096089488_694526025_nAfter Marilyn did an awesome introduction to the film, we were able to pop on our 3D glasses and go back to rural Texas. And now, on to the review.


The Code.

CONFESSION: I have a severe obsession with watching The Hills. Do you remember The Hills?—the spin off MTV reality series from ‘Laguna Beach’ that follows Lauren Conrad to LA as she ventures off as a single girl in the city juggling friends, work and love? Literally all those bitches did was go to lunch and stare at each other as a pop song played overhead, but I can’t stop watching it.

the hills

The series has since wrapped but Netflix fucked up my free time by adding it as an option to put in my queue.
With that confession out of the way, I was watching a few episodes the other day with a girlfriend—she hasn’t seen any episodes past season one so we took a field trip starting back at season two—the season where Lauren and Heidi’s friendship started to fall apart due to Heidi’s beginning of the end relationship with Spencer Pratt.
In the midst of our little marathon, there was one episode in the mix in particular that got us talking a lot—the Jenn Bunney incident.


Thank you, 2012.


Dear 2012,

When I first met you, I wasn’t sure how to feel about you. In every way I looked at it, you were just like the life I’ve already became to known–feeling stuck in my career, unhappy with my home and family life, back on again with my off again relationship, angry at losing people in my life to death–and really just angry in general–you seemed just like the year before. I had no real hope or expectations of anything truly spectacular happening.

As time went on with you, things went from “normal” to worse–falling out with a close friend, feeling trapped in my own mind, and to top off the icing on my shit cake–feeling forced to move away from home after a horrible fight with my family. Needless to say, by Summer I officially hated your fuckass guts.



Cotton Headed Ninnymuggins

drunk elf

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Saying that I am glad December is over is BEYOND an understatement. I feel like the past entire month I’ve been on the go–my house is a wreck, I’ve been losing track of my days and my liver hurts. In short: I’ve been acting like a cotton headed ninnymuggins.

In fact, it seems like mostly everyone has been acting out one way or another over this holiday season.



Between the company Christmas shindigs, the open bars, birthday celebrations and holiday get-togethers, it is hard to say no to that little friend we all know as alcohol. ESPECIALLY when it’s free. You say open bar, I say two Coronas, a shot, three limes and can I add mozzarella sticks to this tab as well?